Voice Over IP Phone Systems

Overview of VoIP Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol, also typically called VoIP, has been in the news since 1996. It's hard to imagine that only two decades ago the thought of using anything other than a phone connected to the wall to make a call was novel. Today, VoIP phone services have grown to be common place on the consumer market, giving millions of people the ability to carry out conversations all over the world.

How Does VoIP Phone Service Work?

VoIP is a set of technologies that deliver voice communications using the internet. To do this, the analog voice signal must be digitized, encoded and transmitted as Internet Protocol packets which is then received, decoded and converted to the proper signal with respect to the call's final destination.

VoIP calls are placed using either a computer, VoIP phone or conventional telephone that is hooked up to an adapter, giving you more flexibility in the way you communicate with family, friends and colleagues.

How VoIP Compares to Other Phone Services.

There are many similarities and differences between VoIP and traditional phone services.


Just like traditional phone service, VoIP customers can make local, long distance as well as international calls. Calls can be made to any phone number whether it's a landline or a mobile phone.

VoIP phone calls also offer good sound quality and calls are received the same way you would receive a traditional phone call if you're using a VoIP phone or regular phone that's connected to an adapter.  The people you're calling will not be able to distinguish a traditional call from a VoIP call.


Unlike traditional phone services, you'll need an internet connection to make VoIP phone calls. Due to this you possibly will not have the ability to place calls if your power goes out. This can be overcome by installing UPS (uninterupted power supply) at critical locations within your network to support the internet connection and VoIP phone(s).

Antoher difference with traditional phones exists in the type of phone we can use. With VoIP there are hard phones which look like traditional phones, but also there are software based phone that run on computers or downloadable apps that run on cell phones.

Hard Phone

Software Phone

Smart Phone App


VoIP software based phone are portable, unlike traditional phone which are required to be connected to copper wire software based phones only need an internet connection. The internet connection can be via cat5e, wifi or cell tower.  Because the phone is software based it can run in laptops, tables or desktops using Windows, iOs or Andriod systems. This means if you would no longer need to carry a phone and a table or laptop, let the table or laptop be your phone. However, these software based phone do have one drawback that isn't a problem with traditional phone service. Emergency 911 calls made using a traditional phone service goes to a Public Safety Answering Point where the location and phone number can easily and automatically be identified. If you're using a VoIP phone service this information may not be automatically transmitted to 911 operators and when they do the location is going to be where the VoIP phone service is registered, not where the caller is at that exact time.

Office On The Fly

For buisness this portablilty has it advantages.  First there is no need to purchase extended service plan for you sales staff.  Any time the staff member has internet access they have a fully funtioning phone with all the features of the Hard Phone on his desk.  This would include call conferencing, calls to numbers/customers in the US while abroad would be local in origin, access to company voice mail and messaging, no longer will you needed an office phone number and a cell phone number, if the staff member is not accessable the call can be forwarded to muliple of inner office extentions. With the abililty to get internet access on commerical aircraft your sales staff can now be part of the office even while on an international or transcontinental flight.  In most cases your staff is already purchasing internet access while traveling to access email with the VoIP phone you will get more value for your money.

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